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Vinay Engineering offers an extensive range of automotive products and is said to be best Automotive Fasteners Exporter in Mumbai. We take all types of repair and maintenance work. No matter what type of automotive work a company specialise in.
We have the essential Automotive Fasteners and Hardware that we uses on daily basis. We also carry special sizes and types of automotive hardware for unique cars and special repair cases.

We produce thousands of Unique Automotive Fasteners and Hardware pieces that can complete the hardware stock of any auto body shop. With Vinay Engineering inventory and invoicing system, our customers can keep track of all these small parts better than ever, increasing efficiency, organisation, and profitability.
Being the best in the market, Vinay Engineering is the future of Automotive Fasteners Exporter in Mumbai. Looking for promising product in the market in making the opportunities with our clients in making of passenger car and light commercial vehicle segment.

Emerging trends include the development of Automotive Fasteners for lightweight materials and self-contained in-die fasteners. fasteners for aluminium and plastic are expected to show above average growth during the forecast period.

It all comes down to details. Department store hardware is manageable for many things, but it’s not designed for the stress and abuse of a high performance vehicles. To keep everything together all the way down the track and beyond, Vinay Engineering has a huge selection of Automotive Fasteners. We had experience in fasteners like quarter-turn fasteners for panels, safety wire, hood pins, and wire ties. If you want everything to look everything perfect, we can help you out with dress-up hardware and interior screws, too at Vinay Engineering

With help our high professional and experienced team we are able to produce highest results into this industry. Our whole project goes in well planned and sorted manner which helps us to achieve the desired goal. The product when manufactured goes under various test which helps us to know if the product is go to go or not. We are able to deliever the products in the given time constraint. With the use of latest technologies and expertise we try to construct the products in highly updated manner to suit the requirements of our valuable customers.

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Hence, we are said to be the leading Automotive Fasteners Exporter in Mumbai.